FIFTH HOUSE INTERIORS BELIEVES IN THE immense power of one's surroundings to facilitate personal growth.

A boutique interior decor and styling firm led by Joan LeMay, Fifth House Interiors specializes in improving residential and commercial spaces through the lens of the individual client's tastes, desired feelings and goals.  Joan is, in the words of one of her clients, "a guide, not a dictator or guru": while some stylists and decorators seek to upsell furniture and impose their tastes on their customers, Joan works to coax out the clients' vision, marry that with her own and creatively problem-solve spaces in a budget-friendly manner. Fifth House Interiors believes that having a well-decorated and styled space that reflects how you want to feel is incredibly important, and that achieving it is easier and more within your reach than you may think. Joan has done this work in Portland, OR, New York City, NY and Brooklyn, NY, and she now calls Santa Fe, NM home. However, remote decor work has been and continues to be a large part of her practice.  

"Working with Joan LeMay / Fifth House Interiors has been an absolute pleasure. Not only is she incredibly professional, she is extremely personable and genuinely understands the value of a great relationship and how that can positively impact the design process. When approached to help us develop a brand implementation for a commercial reception space (and future location build-outs), Joan took into account the needs of several parts of the design - from employee needs to customer experience. While our firm worked on the physical remodel of the space, Joan made a finished design package that is clear and inspiring, and took the time to make sure the comprehensive design was understood by the client. The quality of Joan's work is outstanding and her flawless ability to collaborate has been instrumental in shaping, defining and identifying the physical identity of the brand. The fact that this package will be carried through several locations is a testament to the strength of her designs and dedication to the client's needs. Joan LeMay's passion and commitment can not be explained - it must simply be experienced - and once you experience it you know that you are working with a consummate professional, a savvy designer and a dynamo of creativity."--Anna C., SBaird Design

"I'm not quite sure if I can put into words how much Joan is essential for designing your home/space, and on a budget.  I think it's common to assume having a personal interior decorator means you make mega bucks.  Enter Joan LeMay! What would have been a somewhat okay-looking living room turned into a dream living room filled with love and true vision.  Pieces I would have never found my way to on my own are now in my home, and for a cost I could afford. Her expertise and vision seriously couldn't mean more to our happy house!  I'll never do this alone again!" -- Ami S., Brooklyn, NY

"With minimal effort from me, really just the answering of some basic questions, Joan magically turned my boring office into the most stylish room for me to spend my days. On my own, I never would have picked the lovely pieces that she selected, but they all come together so seamlessly and I couldn’t be happier about it. My individual office not only fits my personality and style, blends nicely with the overall style of Big Cartel’s HQ. I’m so grateful that Joan understood what I was hoping for, and make it all happen perfectly and within budget."-- Anna B., Big Cartel

"Joan was exactly what we were looking for when it came to making our office feel like it was a functional and comfortable work environment. Our office had some furniture and paint on the walls, but nothing felt finished and it looked quite empty at first glance. Joan came in and brought our space to a whole new level- she selected artwork, wallpaper, and made some little touches here and there that really made the difference. She took our direction and understood us as a company and made the right decisions from the carpet to the cabinetry. I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking to make their office or home feel curated and personal. " - Nickie K, Stinkdigital

“Spending time in Joan's apartment was like watching her consciousness explode into a living space. Never before have I met someone through their home and had such a clear idea of who they were judging by their 'stuff.' Joan's a painter, so her apartment is hung salon style with a cacophony of her own work as well as trades and gifts from other artists met along the road of life. The combination of wares and personality is arresting in the best possible way....I loved this home because it is clearly the homeowner's treasure an entrepreneur working from home Joan spends a lot of time here, surrounded by all the pattern, mystery and intense creativity just jumping from every surface.” -- Apartment Therapy

"Joan is intelligent, intuitive, and kind, with a wicked sense of humor. I’ve had the pleasure to work with her in every capacity in which she is talented and can attest to her abilities and skill.  She works with quiet, efficient ease and is able to throw my design work curve balls with solutions that at times I could not see. Contact her for a consultation to recreate space using furniture and accessories that you already own, opening up possibilities for rooms that you could not have known would exist." --Shannon Baird, SBaird Design

“Though it may sound cliche, working with Joan was like a ‘breath of fresh air.’ She came into our house and took elements from other spaces to re-organize and revitalize our entire upstairs. It became a usable space for a bedroom and meditative area, while keeping a fresh, clean, and calming energy. I would highly recommend anyone desiring a new, clear, bright outlook on their surroundings and world,  to work with Joan.” -- Ingrid R., Portland, OR

“Joan came into my apartment for one day and worked her magic!  When I came home, I just stood in the door with my mouth open because it looked so different and cool! Everything was very organized and put together in ways that made sense.  Thank you for transforming my place!” -- Amanda L., Portland, OR

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